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Adam Gilchrist
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Adam Gilchrist is considers as the best wicketkeeper-batsman of this time. After Ian Hilly, he has been the first choice of the wicket keeping position in the Australia team. He is a hard hitter in his batting and he holds the record of scoring highest number of sixes in one’s test career with 93 sixes. He has over 5000 runs in test cricket and over 8000 runs in ODI cricket. He won world cup for twice with Australia where he had a significant contribution. His test strike rate is 81.59 in test cricket 96.76 and in ODI. He has over 350 dismissals in test cricket and a few left to get his 400 ODI dismissals. He has been one of the five cricketers awarded for Wisden Cricketers of the Year for 2002. H has got the recognition as ‘World’s Scariest Batsman’ by a pool of international bowler.