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Sachin Tendulker
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Sachin is one of the greatest batsmen in the history of cricket. He holds many records in both test cricket and one-day cricket. He is the highest run-scorer in one-day cricket and not so far away form being the highest run scorer in test cricket too. Sachin is the highest centurion in both Test and One-day cricket. It is surprising that Tendulker’s first cone-day international century at the 79th match. This talented player is compared with the all time greatest Batsman Sir Don Bradman who himself praised him and could remembered his own batting watching Sachin. He is the first cricketer to cross 10000 runs in one day cricket. He is also thehighest run scorer in the world cup history. Once he was the captain of Indian cricket team. Sachin is the father of two children Sara and Arjun. His wife Anjali Mehta is the daughter of Anand Mehta, an industrialist of Gujrat. Sachin is also involved some social activities. For example, 200 children are getting help which is sponsored by Sachin.